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What to do during the 3 trimester of pregnancy?

Published November 23, 2014

3 trimester of pregnancyIf you are on the 3 trimester of pregnancy this means that you have passed successfully the first and the second trimester. Now is the time to accumulate all your energies and to be ready for the arrival of the baby. In the 3 trimester you will be more stressed because the time to say stop to your waiting is coming soon. The 3 trimester of pregnancy begin in the 28 week and is a trimester full of fatigue because of the weight that you will gain during the time and also because of the anxiety that you will feel. But what to do during the third trimester of pregnancy? Which are some of the advices that you should know about this situation? How to have a healthy and a good pregnancy?

Follow these steps:

  • Try to do some exercises. What kind of exercises can I do? You can see some of the prenatal exercises that we suggest in our articles like prenatal yoga or the other exercises. Anyway here we will be very general. Just do a walk around the street. But be careful! If you are feeling tired it is not good for your body to repeat the action. Then try another exercise which is easier for you.
  • If you are at work in the 3 trimester of pregnancy take many breaks. They can be short breaks and if you have the possibility to put your feet up do it. Or practices another easy exercise just close the eyes for five minutes.
  • Eat frequent snack or meals but in small portions. Follow the rules that we have recommended to you which are full of protein. And if you have problems in the 3 trimester of pregnancy you should immediately consult your doctor because in this trimester there are even risks (which are very few in number) for your baby, like a premature birth. Anyway we wish you luck!

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