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Treating allergies naturally with essential oils!

Published November 5, 2014

treating allergiesIt is very difficult to face all the symptoms that allergies give. But the most known are the inflammation, sneezing and    watery eyes .  From this we have taken some cases and we have analyzed them. The majority of our patients have found the great solution with this recipe. Of course this is based even from the individual but for the majority this recipe functions.  Treating allergies naturally is the perfect way to avoid other side effects. You can treat your allergies in different way, starting from the essential oils till the medicinal pills. Anyway it is very important to find where your allergy comes from? From this step you can start treating allergies easier than previously.

Treating allergies with these ingredients:

  1. Lemon (5 to 10 drops, this depends on the quantity that you want to make)
  2. Lavender essential oil (5 to 10 drops)

We have chosen lavender from the plenty of essential oils that we have because lavender is known for anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use these two ingredients even separately. You can take the desired results even by applying the lavender essential oil under your eyes.

How to prepare this recipe for treating allergies naturally?

It is very easy. Take a glass jar and put there 5 drops of lemon than start to add the other ingredient. Then mix them and put the mixture in a small bottle.

How to apply it?

You can two or three drops from the mixture on your hands and rub the hands together. After this, cup the hands over your nose .Then inhale 5 to 6 breaths. This is suggested if your allergy gives to you problems like sneezing. If you have watery eyes it is good to put one or two drops under the eyes and leave them for one or two hours.  Treating allergies in this will stop you sneezing during the whole day.

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