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Top Tips for Divorcing Parents

Published December 8, 2014

divorcing parentsIt is essential for every family to encourage children to speak about their feelings. In this way you will understand what going on with your child. In this way you can be the person that direct and manage their feeling for a positive behavior. The feeling can be positive or negative but you should be prepared for both and also you should be prepared for strange questions.  The topic that will analyze today has to do with divorcing parents. How can you deal with this situation? Do divorcing parents influence on children’s life? If yes how can you help them to talk about this situation and make them accept the reality without consequences for their character and for their emotional side. To help you talk about this topic, manage  different situation that can come from divorcing parents we will list some tips for divorcing parents. Why is this important? In many cases children can imagine that the problem of the divorce was caused by them. This can be forced even from the arguments that parents may do for them.

You should know that the divorce is not the end of the world and this should not affect your child. Now let see some tips that can be a great help for you if you are on this situation.

The first rule of divorcing parents is to respect your partner in front of the child. You should never put the child against your partner.

Second rule never speak negatively about your partner in front of your baby. What does this mean? Do not repeat words that are negative for your partner.

Third rule is called renegotiation. This might be difficult but is necessary for your child. Of course we are not pretending to be best friends with your ex but to be civilized.

Forth rule. When your child asks about the other partner ( so his mother or father) never say bad things but try to transmit positive energy and positive thoughts.

Fifth rule.  Speak with our child and make him feel secure about the cause of the divorce. You cannot explain the reason but you can explain that the child has nothing to do with the divorce.

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