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Tips for waxing or hair removal.

Published September 9, 2014


Do you have a sensitive skin? If yes of course you will be one of those people who have problem with waxing.. Actually the majority of people say that waxing is painful, others say that is not healthy for the body or for the skin and other people pretend that this process can stimulate the growth of the hair. But these are only hypotheses that come from those people that have not found the right technique for waxing. When we speak about waxing a sensitive skin we should be very careful on finding the right technique because in contrary the skin will have serious problems.

In order to prevent the inflammation and also the pain you can follow these tips for sensitive skin :



First tip – Find a wax which is adequate for this kind of skin. There are different products in super markets and you can buy one. Firstly you can prove it in a small part. Then after you have proved 2 or 3 decide which is the best from these products.


Second tip – An important step that should be respected when you do this process is to control your skin. The skin should be completely dry and also non- greasy. After the waxing is over take a shower to remove the unwanted skin (dead skin) and be careful if in that art starts to appear bumps. If yes please do not squeeze. If you touch these bumps you will irritate more your skin.


Third tip – In the end when you have finished all these steps please do not scrub for at least 48 hours, because the area can remain too much  sensitive from the process for one or two days. Just put some coconut oil in the parts where redness is visible. These are tips for all people which have sensitive skin.




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