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Sleeping during pregnancy!

Published January 31, 2015

sleeping during pregnancySleeping during pregnancy is a very important part for the women because through sleeping  you can rest and also you can gather your forces. But even though this is an important part of the life women have difficulties to find the right position to sleep. During the first trimester sleeping during pregnancy would be a little difficult for you because from the nausea or from the fatigue you will go many times in bathroom especially during the night and this will disturb your sleeping routine.

While in the second trimester you will have the possibility to make a sleeping routine. What does it mean sleeping in the same time every day so your body get used with this action. The second trimester is the best period from all the stages of pregnancy to sleep. While you are preparing to go to the third trimester of pregnancy which is a little complicated for sleeping during pregnancy. In the third trimester despite the difficulties with the tummy you may face even dreams during the night. Sleeping during pregnancy is accompanied with dreams especially in the third  trimester because of the hormonal changes .So you should cope with this.

Now let find which the best position on sleeping during pregnancy is! Doctors suggest that it is better to sleep on the left hand side am not on the right because there is a vein  on this side that takes the blood back to the heart and for this pressure can reduce your blood supply and in this way is caused dizziness. Despite this you can support your body with taking a comfortable pillow not for your head but for your legs. Also It is better to avoid naps during the day because this may disturb your sleep during the night. You can add to your sleeping even a cup of chamomile tea.

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