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Sleeping during pregnancy won’t be a problem!

Published December 3, 2014

sleeping during pregnancyIs it difficult for you to find an easy and a healthy way of sleeping during pregnancy? If yes follow these tips or better let say suggestions that will function immediately. May be f you are not pregnant you cannot understand this problem or you can laugh with this question: “How to sleep during pregnancy?” But this is a serious problem for those women who cannot find comfort during sleeping and who also have problems because of their usual position of sleeping when they were not pregnant. To be pregnant you need to be patient and also in the same time to find solutions to all those problems that will start to appear step by step. This is one of those problems that will say stop to your sleeping time if you don’t follow these suggestions carefully. There are three well known positions of sleeping  for all the persons

  • Back position
  • Stomach position
  • Side position

In which group do you belong? If you are part of the first group or of the second group you should immediately change position of sleeping during pregnancy. To convince you we will show some details that you have no idea that they exists.

Why you should change the back position? In this way you lie all the weight on your back and intestines. This can cause later and not only later back pain. Another reason why you should change position of sleeping is because in this way you can reduce circulation.

What about stomach position? In the first trimester this is not a problems because your belly is ok. But later with the passing of the month and with the growing of your belly it will be impossible for you to sleep by on a stomach position.

The best way and also the most comfortable way is to sleep on side position. It is suggested to sleep on side position and particularly on the left side because in this way you improve blood flow .As a consequence all  the nutrients go to the placenta. Sleeping during pregnancy can be possible on side position even with the help of a pillow that you can put it on that area that you feel uncomfortable.

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