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Skin care tips to help slow the aging skin process

Published February 13, 2014

skin care tipsThere are many skin care tips in many articles and websites. Which are the best? The beauty of your skin is in your hands. If you treat your skin every day with biological products you will prevent the risk to damage your skin. In contrary you will repair it.

Skin care tips
Do-You should stop smoking. Do you know that smoking is the second factor which damages your skin? Nicotine can decrease the flow of oxygen to your care tips

Through smoking you will damage yourself. You face will be wrinkly, and will be full of age lines.
Do-You should use a facial mask once a week. One facial mask takes 20 to 30 minutes. So take 30 minutes from your busy life each week. Through a facial mask your face will be hydrated. You can choose one of our facial masks. Choose a facial mask which suits to your skin. These facial mask will help your skin to be soft and clean.
Do- You should wear a sun cream every day, no matter if it is hot or wet. Even in winter you can damage your skin not from the wind or from the rain but from the sun itself. Even if you go out in a winter day you can damage your skin only with 20 minutes outside. So protect your skin every day.

While speaking about Skin care tips all of us should  reflect on our actions of every day life and we should change our life style.

skin care tipsDon’ts forget to moisturize your skin. We know that wrinkles mostly appear in dry skin but through moisturizing you will change the appearance of the wrinkles. After you finish wash your face with warm water. These Skin care tips are based on many surveys which suggest these advises.

Don’ts forget your neck and chest. If you see a young woman you see that she has a beautiful neck and an elastic skin. So when you do all the processes for your face do not forget your neck and chest. It is important to use moisturizers which have vitamin A, vitamin C, kinetin or copper. Just follow these Skin care tips and your skin will slow the aging process.

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