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Skin care in your 20s anti aging !

Published August 30, 2014

skin care on your 20sYou are young and you think that your skin doesn’t need attention?! This period is one of the most beautiful but in the same time is the period that needs more attention. Skin care in your 20s is the A of the alphabet. If you think that treatment should start in another age you are wrong! If you start to care about your skin in this age, you will see that the results in the future will be positive. Skin care in your 20s will determine if your skin will be perfect in your 30s, 40s and so on.
It is obviously that in this age you can have small problems such as acne but this does not mean to avoid treatments for the protection of your skin. For this reason we will give some advice that will serve to you for a long period.

1. Moisturizer. You should use any kind of moisturizers but you should be careful on selecting the right SPF factor. You should protect your skin from the sun in summer and also in winter even though you have a dark complexion or a light complexion. You should choose at least a cream with 15/20 SPF. In this way the cream will give to you protection for both UVB and UVA protection.

2. Cleanser. You should choose your cleanser. You can determine the kind of your skin by your own or you can download (1)go to the dermatologists. If you have a normal skin it is not necessary to wash I often, you can wash it before you go to bed. While if the doctor says to you that you have an oily skin or a dry skin you should choose a cleanser which is appropriate to this kind.

3. Treatment for the night. Skin care in your 20s has only some simple steps. If you follow regularly the first advice so the cream with SPF 15/20 and this one you will have an incredible skin n the future. You can use an oil free moisturizer reach of Vitamin A .In this way you will provide to your skin a delicate feeling now and even in your future.

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