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Mask for beautiful shiny hair!

Published November 3, 2014

shiny hairHey girls I am pretty sure that you have done many researches on having shiny hair. Maybe you have used cosmetic products or other products that contain different chemicals and are not good for your hair because they can damage the hair or can have side effects. For this reason we will show you a very simple way how to have shiny hair without spending a lot of money on different creams or shampoos that has no effects.

Ingredients for a mask which will give to us shiny hair:
– a half glass of beer(any type)
– two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
-Plastic bag
These are the only two ingredients that we need for this mask. It is very easy to prepare this mask because the only thing to do is to mix the beer with the apple cider vinegar and then to apply on your hair.
Before you apply this mask take a plastic bag with you. Start to make your hair with this mask. You can use a brush or you can do as it is shown on the video. Leave the mask for twenty to thirty minutes and then wash the hair as you usually do. You can do this mask for shiny hair twice a week. It is important not to touch the roots of the hair because you can cause irritation to the skin if you repeat this mask often on the roots of the skin. You can put the mixture on a bottle of spry and you can use it as a spry on your hair.
Another way how you can use is to apply the mask after you have done the shower. After you have washed the hair apply the mask on the hair and then just rinse the hair. This method will help you to gain a perfect result. Now shiny hair will be your key of success.

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