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Sex during pregnancy is it safe or not?

Published January 31, 2015

sex during pregnancyFor many couples when the women is pregnant there is a hot topic which is always discussed between the couple. This topic is: Sex during pregnancy is it safe or not? This is a topic that is very delicate not because of its thematic but because of the situation of the risk. What does it mean? Both the man and the women have the feeling that if they will do sex they may hurt the baby. This situation is more emphasized in young couple who are experiencing the first pregnancy. But which is the answer to do or not? Doctors suggest that if both agree with doing it there is nothing wrong on doing because there are no medical reasons that show results that normal sex might hurt the baby. A healthy sex life has also its own benefits for the couple.

The key of the success in a couple when the woman is pregnant is to speak freely to the partner for the desire and to find an arrangement which is good for both.
During the first trimester when the women is less energetic and have nausea the desire of having sex during pregnancy will disappear. This should be comprehended by the partner. Anyway we want to emphasize something very important if the pregnancy has problems you should not pretend doing sex. This might complicate the situation.
While in the second trimester women are more energetic because the pregnancy symptoms like nausea, fatigue also the level of hormones are settled down and this means that the woman is more calm and of course might have the desire of doing sex.
In the last trimester doing sex can help the woman for a fast and healthy delivery when will be the time especially in the last month of pregnancy.
To conclude we want to say that doing sex during pregnancy is a responsibility. You should be careful and understandable in confront of the partner. For any complication that you have you should consult a doctor not trying to do it without the advice of the doctor.But you can find an arrangement and in this way sex during pregnancy can not be prohibited.

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