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Homemade face masks to reduce aging signs.

Published February 17, 2014


reduce aging signs

How to reduce aging signs? The loss of the elasticity of the skin is always followed with sagging, wrinkles an many other aging factors. This is a natural process and all of us will face this process one day.We are here to demonstrate how can we eliminate this process but how can we reduce this aging signs.We will show you many masks which reduce aging signs. These masks can be prepared at home and the ingredients are chemical free.

reduce aging signsPotato mask to reduce aging signs.
Ingredients: lemon, potato
Take potato and chop it or grate it in order to form a paste after that add 5 drops of lemon and apply the mask on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. The anti aging properties help your skin to maintain the elasticity and to reduce wrinkles.
Egg and cream mask

This is more a winter cream.The ingredients for this recipe are cream, egg and lemon juice. Put an egg in a bowl add 5 drops of lemon juice and in the end add the cream. Blend them together and in this way your mask is ready.Apply the mask on your face and retain for 20 minutes.In the end wash the face with worm water. The biotin of the egg help to tighten your skin while the lemon help to lighten the dark parts.
There are many homemade mask to reduce aging signs.

One of them is also carrot and banana maskreduce aging signs
To prepare this mask you need only a banana and a carrot. Grind the carrot and put it on a bowl.Then grind the banana and add it on the bowl.Mix them and you have formed the mask to reduce aging signs.Apply the mask for 20 minutes and then wash the face with warm water.This two fruits are a great combination because they contain vitamins and minerals which help to reduce wrinkles. You can try these mask and you will see the difference. Now you have the possibility to reduce aging signs at home.

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