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Pregnancy symptoms!

Published January 27, 2015

pregnancy symptomsAre you pregnant? Yes, No, You don’t know? Let find out together which are the pregnancy symptoms? First of all we will stress the fact that pregnancy symptoms are not the same in all the women and also they do not appear in the same time to all the women that are pregnant. For this reason you should not be afraid about the fact that you are not seeing any signs of pregnancy yet!

Now let pass immediately to these pregnancy symptoms as I am pretty sure that you are waiting for them. We will divide these pregnancy symptoms into two groups: Physical changes and Emotional changes.

In the group of physical changes we have these symptoms:

  • You may notice a sensation of hunger. This empty sensation may stay for hours in your tummy and might disappear for a specific time after you have ate something. Anyway this will be repeated for days.
  • Yu will have the feeling to wee more frequent than before.
  • The most common symptom is the symptom of nausea and also a feeling of upset inside your stomach. This feeling can make you vomit but there are many cases that are not accompanied with the need to vomit.
  • You may face a physical change on your breast. Your nipples, your areolas might change. You might have the feeling as before the period when your breast become heavier.
  • There are women that face a light vaginal blood loss.
  • Another important symptom is missing a period. Anyway there are women who continue to have period even-though they are pregnant. Anyway this is rare.
  • You may face backache and headache because of the hormonal changes.
  • You may face intolerance from odours. Different smells may cause to you nausea or other light problems.
  • You may face feeling of tiredness.

In the group of emotional changes we have these symptoms:

  • Many women when they were pregnant used to describe that they felt something different as something were not as before but “this something” was unexplained.
  • Other women say that you could be teary and your sense of humor may change without any As we see the emotional changes are more complicate than the physical changes. We hope that you have found your answer here. Good luck to your pregnancy!

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