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Lose weight in 10 days! Prove it!

Published September 24, 2014


lose weight in 10 daysThe first rule of losing weight is to create a 10 days plan In these 10 days you will be very strict with your diet rule’s.  How can you be involved in this diet? If you want to lose weight in 10 days follow these steps and then in the end make your own evaluation. If this diet function or not!

Lose weight in 10 days:

First step- List your goals. It is very important to figure out your weight that you want to lose during the next 10 days. In these days we will guarantee you minus 5 pounds. If you do the calculation you will see that one pound has 3500 calories. According to this you should lose the half 1750 calories. This is a general calculation. You can do your own calculation based on your progress.

Second step: If you want to lose weight in 10 days you should keep notes. Take a notebook and write what you eat every day. You can count your calories each day. In this way you will be in control of your diet. So if you eat more than usually one day, you can reduce the amount of food the other day. Or vice versa.  Another important thing in this point is to write down your weight every day.

Third step- Distress. Have you ever heard that people eat more when they are stressed? It is true. When people are under stress  they want to eat more than usually and this is because of their emotional feeling. It is difficult to prevent stress but you can resolve this problem b practicing yoga. This beautiful and relaxing sport can reduce the level of stress and also can burn calories.

These three basic steps will help you to lose weight in 10 days without practicing hour and hour in gym.

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