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Skin care, the secret lemon recipe

Published February 6, 2014

There are many recipes for the skin care but we will suggest you to use the best of these recipes so they can give results as quickly as possible!

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The recipe for today is Lemon recipe for skin care.Why we have chosen the lemon? Because this fruit has many elements that help the skin to be better and to be more beautiful than even.Lemons contain vitamin C, potassium, calcium, minerals and antioxidants. These elements protect the skin and are in a great harmony even with the hair or nails. For this reason lemons form the kitchen moved to the bathroom. We can create with lemons many recipes for many purposes.
Which are the benefits of the lemon?

It serves to treat the acne and to remove the blackheads. because of its antibacterial property. Another benefit form the lemon is that cab lighten spots and blemishes.It prevents oily skin because of its components that we explained care
How to prepare the lemon recipe recipe for skin care?

The ingredients of this simple recipe are lemon and honey. It is very easy to prepare this mask. Just squeeze a lemon into a cup or bowl and add a tablespoon of honey. After this mix them quickly till you get a liquid substance.
In the beginning wash your face with warm water and dry it carefully. Then start applying the mask on the face massaging the face with the preparation.You should be careful only when you apply this preparation under the eyes in order not to get any mixture in the eyes. After you have done all the face wait 10 minutes or 15 minutes and then wash your face. Now feel the softness of your face.It is shining and it is very soft like a baby skin. Lemon recipe for skin care can give results after 2 weeks. Use this recipe once a day.

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