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Irritation on your feet? Say stop to this problem!

Published November 3, 2014

irritationThere are several factors that cause irritation to your feet. Irritated feet can be also caused by medicinal. Scientists believe that the main problem that people have irritated feet is because they do not treat them as they treat the face or other parts of the body that are visible. Feet are the most of the time covered by the socks and for this reason people neglect this important problem.Follow this recipe to say s

For this reason today’s advice is to treat them with this recipe .

Ingredients of the recipe:
– a bowl of Shea butter
– 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

-1 teaspoon of Tiger Balm


How can you prepare this recipe? Just take all the ingredients and put them in a bowl. Mix them with a tablespoon till you have a homogeneous mixture. You will notice that the mixture is ready to use when it is compact.

Now you can use it on your feet. Before the usage you know, you should wash your feet and dry them with a soft towel. Then start to apply the mixture on the area where you see that the skin is irritated. In that part you will apply the mask and you will see that it is well absorbed by the skin.

This mask will help to say stop to this problem and also will help to regenerate the skin. You will regain the strength from the first week. It is important to use this mask daily. Do not use this mask in the morning or during the day because you will not gain the desired results. It is good to use this mask before bed. In this way you can leave the mask even all the night. In the morning you can wash your feet with lukewarm water. Irritation will not be a problem anymore.Sat stop to irritation !

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