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How to Treat Constipation in Babies?

Published January 24, 2015

constipation in babiesAre you part of the so called group “new parent”? If yes this article will be very helpful for you. Today we will treat constipation in babies as it is part of many discussions nowadays. It is true that new parents are worried about constipation in babies because this s considered a serious problem. We should not only look for our baby’s next laugh or smile. We should be totally clear that babies also have problems and for this reason we should monitor different things on babies life. If your baby is part of those babies who poop regularly it’s a good sign that he is taking the right amount of food and all the things are ok.

Now you might ask yourself what causes constipation in babies. How can be possible that babies suffer from this problem? This can happened even though babies consume milk. Especially formula fed babies have more possibilities to suffer from constipation. You may ask why? This can happen because formula can firm up poop more than breast milk can do. This is another reason why doctors suggest to new moms to choose breast feeding method. Also  there are cases that your baby can have a milk protein allergy and this can be the reason why he can end up constipates.

What you can do to treat constipation in babies? Firstly if you are using formula you should change it because in many cases this is the reason why we face constipation in babies. While I you have chosen breastfeeding method  mom’s diet should be changed. This can combat constipation in babies. The mom should avoid solid foods and should take consume of veggies and frits such as broccoli, pears and in the same time should drink different fruits juices and water. If this doesn’t function you should consult your pediatrician. Hope to solve the problem without the help of the pediatrician!

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