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How to teach tolerance to children?

Published December 8, 2014

toleranceParents today have different concepts about tolerance. Some of them welcome the diversity. Other parents can be skeptic about tolerance. This is a big problem that not only children have but even adults. Why we should be careful when we speak about tolerance to children? It is very important to transmit aspects of tolerance to children because this can be learned especially when they are young because when they grow up they don’t have the idea of the tolerance. It is the duty of the parent to help children learn how to live how to be tolerant, how to appreciate others work and in this way many other aspects of the life.

But what is tolerance? Is it a complex attitude? Can we be tolerant easily? All these questions have a simple answer. Tolerance is an attitude of brave and good people. For this reason we aim to teach tolerance to children. In this way they will respect the others We can give a synonym to tolerance: To respect the difference between people and not only between people. Tolerance can be applied in many areas like religion, gender, race, people with different level of intellect and other differences. You can learn through tolerance. You can learn from the difference,. With this concept we do not mean to accept the entire changes all the differences. Behaviors that can hurt the others or which break the rules of course should not be tolerated.

How can you teach this attitude to your child? It is very easy if you try to be tolerant with your everyday life your child will be able to understand what tolerance is. Of course you have friends with different cultural background or that they differ from you and your family. If you accept them if you help them if you think that they are like you or in other cases better than you your child will start to have the idea of what does tolerance mean. After accepting this by yourself you can explain to your child by taking many situations as example. Just be careful with your behavior because 50% of the future behavior of your child depends of you.


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