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How to help children with eating disorders?

Published December 9, 2014

eating disordersIt is now a trend that everybody wants to be thing and want to follow the models of the Tv. But is this a correct attitude toward a healthy life. Is this the right thing to do when you are a child? Let analyze some steps that are strongly connected with eating disorders, the reason  and other staff. In this article we will treat two aspects anorexia and bulimia. What are these two new elements? Let find together. First of all I want to emphasize the fact that everyone have eating disorders starting from children till the adults. Now let find more about this problem that is called eating disorders.

Have you ever heard about anorexia? It is known even as anorexia nervosa. This is a problem that affects all the ages. It has to do with the idea of losing weight because the person thinks that is fat even though he person is thin. But why you should avoid this situation? First of all this is a serious problem that is part of eating disorders. You should be informed that persons that think that they are fat should be consulted with a doctor because from this problem they can lose even their life. Anorexia is strongly connected with many negative emotions, like sadness, depression, anxiety etc. You should avoid extreme dieting and also you should never stimulate the process of vomiting b yourself.eating disorders

There are some symptoms of anorexia listed here:

  • denying when you feel hungry
  • exercising too much
  • losing lots of weight
  • stop being part of partied and other activities
  • feeling fat

Now et pass to the other problem that is part of eating disorders. This is bulimia. What is bulimia? Bulimia is a phenomenon that affects children especially when they are stressed or when they have a serious problem like the divorce of their parent and other problems. This eating disorders is harder than anorexia. Children binge then they purge. So they eat huge amounts of food without gaining weight and after they eat they vomit the food.

We will list some of the symptoms of bulimia.

  • eating huge amounts of food without gaining weight
  • using laxatives
  • not being part of social activities
  • going to the bathroom after eating the meal

Just be careful to these two problems of eating disorders and when you face them it is very important to go to the doctor. Take your child to the doctor because they can be more serious with the passing of the time.

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