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How to deal with an unplanned pregnancy?

Published January 28, 2015

unplanned pregnancyThe truth is that not all the babies are planned. This may hurt but there are many couples that are in big dilemma such as the unplanned pregnancy. There are women who maybe in the beginning can be shocked but later with the passing of the time, with friend’s suggestions welcome the opportunity to have a baby. As well as there are other couples who do not react with positivism and have other thoughts in mind. Anyway this article will help you to analyze this unplanned pregnancy.

Emotional reactions of being involved in an unplanned pregnancy.

  • A sense of “How did that happen”.
  • A sense of panic, lack of control.
  • Feelings confused and guilt.
  • Disappointment and sadness.
  • Feeling anxious.
  • Feelings of being alone and isolated.
  • Feelings of crisis.
  • Surprise, shock , happiness. An unplanned pregnancy can also be joyful.

But despite this kind of feeling we face a big problem: Where can I go for support?

The ideal would be sharing this information with your friends, with your family or with someone that you trust. But as the reality is full of people that judge without putting themselves in your shoes this may be difficult. Anyway  the best thing to do in this situation is to be calm and not to take decisions when you are under stress and when you are in a crisis of thoughts. The best alternative in this case would be:

  • A General Practitioner.
  • A counselor who works in a public hospital. This would be perfect because there you would be able to distinguish both sides.
  • A psychologist

Despite this you may face many questions that you or your conscience may  provide  to you in a specific time. Questions like:

  • How do I feel about being pregnant?
  • How does my partner feel?
  • Should I tell him?
  • What might be his reaction?
  • What options do I have?
  • What are my goals for the future?

And many other questions that are sensitive and require good answers because from these answers your life can change for better or for worse.

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