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How to create a natural lip balm recipes?

Published January 19, 2015

lip balmWinter is the season that damages our skin and also the lips more than the other seasons. But what can we do to prevent this damage and  to have beautiful lips and a beautiful skin? You should create your own recipe with natural ingredients which will give to you the feeling of having soft and beautiful lips. Now with all the rights you can ask if it is easy to create a lip balm in home condition. We will say yes the only thing that you need is these ingredients that we will list here and the desire to prove it. We can guarantee that the lip balm that you will create is better than any expensive lip balm from the cosmetic shops. Now let start to create our lip balm.

The ingredients that we need are as listed:


Take the coconut oil the beeswax and the vitamin E and put them into a glass. The vitamin will be on the role of the moisturizer while the beeswax will create the lip balm because will hold ath the ingredients together. The second step is to take the pan and fill it half with water and boil the water. When the water is boiled place the glass with the ingredients and melt them. It is like a bain-marie. After you have melted all the ingredients you have finished with preparing the lip balm for your lips. Now put  the liquid on your lip balm container and start using it. If you like vanilla or the peppermint oil you can add this to your liquid. It is based on your desire.

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