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First trimester pregnancy care!

Published November 21, 2014

first trimesterFirst trimester pregnancy can be difficult especially for those women who are pregnant for the first time. You will face many changes during the first trimester and for this you need a special care. You will face an invisible transformation from the outer part but inside your body will have many transformations. Hormones have an important role on pregnancy. Despite the fact that they are responsible for the outer transformation of the body they nourish your baby even before you have confirmed your pregnancy with tests or with blood analyses.

A great change will happen in the first trimester. You will start to change physically and also emotionally because of the hormonal changes. The physical changes will be less visible then the emotional side. In order to control your emotional changes you should be calm and not stressed. Also it is advisable to drink chamomile tea before going to bed, In this way you will be more relaxed during the night.

While about the physical change there are a lot but the one which is more visible in the first trimester of pregnancy it is the breast. Your breast can be a point of transformation. It can be tender or sore. Another sensation that you might have is the sensation of having heavier weight. The weight can be focused on the breast.  To resolve this problem you can wear a sport bra or let say a supportive bra.

Other signs that happen during the first trimester of pregnancy are the fatigue, the increased urination etc.

How can we resolve the problem of fatigue? Why happen this situation during pregnancy? Which is the cause of this fatigue?  Fatigue is caused by the levels of the hormone progesterone soar. But how to resolve this? This situation does not have a proper solution. The only thing that you can do is to rest and to stay calm.



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