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What determines baby’s eye color?

Published January 28, 2015

This is a typical question of moms! They think about everything. They think about the gender of the baby, about the name, about the hair of the baby and of course about the eye color, as it is considered as  the most important part in human body. Eye color is something strange in its concept because do not have a proper logic. Even though science suggest that  eye color is based on heredity we do not have a proper logic.

Of course we have three types of eye color: brown, green and blue and this obviously is well known for the science. Anyway science cannot explain why some babies have hazel, grey or varying shades of color. But let be more specific. We know that genes determine the characteristics of our babies and alleles which are found in genes are known for determining the appearance of these characteristics. We have two types of alleles.

The dominant allele which is the one that is expresses over the other one. While the other allele which is unexpressed is known as recessive allele.

From many statistics of eye color we have the results that the brown color is the dominant allele and this is obviously clear because the majority of people have brown eyes. While the blue color is known as recessive allele. Of course the eye color is determined by both parents, but not only from this. There are many cases that both parents have blue eye color and the baby have brown eye color. Or there are couples who are both with brown eyes and the baby have blue eyes.

This is rare happens in a percentage of 30% but happens.  In eye color there are statistics which suggest that specific drugs can modify the eye color. Also the eye color may take even from your grandmother or your uncle or other close relatives. For this reason is called based on genes heredity. Anyway one thing is clear the eye color of your baby it is not determined 100 % till the age of 3. Eye color can change till that age, so don’t worry about that. Just enjoy the beautiful moment with your baby! For further information we will illustrate with percentage the probabilities of having blue, green or brown color. The table below is based  in both parents. As we said before there are cases that the baby can take the color from one of your grandfathers.eye color

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