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Exercise during pregnancy is it necessary?

Published November 24, 2014

exercise during pregnancyIn the previous articles we have told many times to do exercise during pregnancy. What is the exercise during pregnancy? Is it necessary or is it dangerous? Let find the answer here.

Exercise during pregnancy has different benefits for your body and is not dangerous if it is done on the proper way. You do not need to do difficult exercises, you can prove walking, yoga and other exercises that we will mention later. Anyway the benefits of the exercise during pregnancy are these:

  • Can reduce backache or swelling
  • Can provide endorphins which make you feel more energetic
  • Can help you to do an easy delivery
  • Can improve sleeping.

If you start the exercise during pregnancy in the first trimester of pregnancy it is better to practice it for 10 to 15 minutes for three times per week. You can do it more often after you get used with the exercise.

Today we will suggest to do aerobic exercise and we will explain why. Which are the benefits of the aerobic exercise?

  • You can burn calories with aerobic exercise
  • You can improve healthy sleeping
  • You can reduce the risk for premature birth
  • You can improve confidence
  • You can prevent fluid retention, hemorrhoids.
  • And in the same time you build confidence, quality that most of the women do not have during pregnancy

Before you start aerobic exercise it is suggested to do a warm up activity. Which is this warm up activity? Walking. One week before you start aerobic exercise  you can do 10 minutes of walking around your street or if you have the possibility to do walking exercise in a place near the beach would be ideal. Then you are ready to practice aerobic exercise regularly. Exercise during pregnancy has only benefits. Just do it in the proper way. Start to exercise for a healthy pregnancy!

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