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Essential oils! How to do the right selection?

Published October 29, 2014

essential oilsAs we have explained the key of the massage is the right selection of the essential oils. It is very important to know the purpose of the massage. The purpose derives from this selection. So before you prepare your mixture with these essential oils it is good to know these facts.

Firstly we will explain the carrier oil? What is this? The carrier oil is an ingredient that has a particular meaning; it provides the most of the liquid in your massage oil. You can buy the carrier oil at a grocery store.

Now let explain the usages of these essential oils.

Why t use grape seed oil? Firstly this kind of oil is well absorbed by the skin and it is not allergic. When I say it is not allergic  I mean that has a low risk of allergy in comparison with the other essential oils. It has a low odor. It is very good for those people who don’t want to make massage with exotic odors.

The usage of Jojoba oil: It is recommended for those people with hipper sensitive skin. It has moisturizing qualities. It can be used even as the main ingredient of facial masks.

Why to use avocado oil? This kind of oil has excellent protective qualities. It is perfect for those people who want to re-hydrate the sun dried skin. It will regenerate your skin from the harsh conditions of the sun.

The usage of the almond oil: It is an excellent essential oil. It is rich of Vitamins A and E. It is suggested for dry or sensitive skin. It has also moisturizing qualities.

Let pass to another essential oil which is Apricot Kernel. It is good for facial massage because of its qualities. This oil is similar to sweet almond oil.

While the wheat germ oil is very effective for mature skin or for dry skin. It is rich of Vitamin E , fatty acids and antioxidants.So when you make the preparation for your massage keep in mind these qualities.

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