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Cramps in early pregnancy!

Published February 2, 2015

Cramps in early pregnancyCramps in early pregnancy are very known for pregnant women. Cramps in early pregnancy are common and if they are light this is not a serious problem, but if these cramp are frequent of course you should immediately consult a doctor because you can have a complication with your pregnancy. This of course can be an alarm especially for those women who have had difficulties of getting pregnant. It is suggestible that if you face this kind of cramps in early pregnancy you should stay calm avoid the stress and of course consult these problems with the doctor. This will be the best way to enjoy your pregnancy and to have a healthy pregnancy as you wish. But the question that disturbs most of the women is what can cause cramps in early pregnancy?

Doctors say that there are two reason why this happens. The first is the so called Corpus Luteal Cyst which is a kind of cyst. The second reason is caused from the muscles which have the role to support the uterus and the uterus is stretched. We will not explain in medical language what does this mean because you will be more confused but it is good to know the cause of these cramps in early pregnancy. Anyway there are other elements that can cause cramps. We will list some of them:

What else can cause cramping?

  • Infection
  • Gall bladder stones.
  • Constipation
  • A urinary tract infection.
  • Gas pain.
  • Round ligament pain.

What can I do to improve the cramps?

  • It is suggestible to change the position of sleeping or take a walk.
  • Have a warm shower, make a gentle massage to your tummy
  • Go to the toilet.
  • Avoid constipation. It is good to drink water and other fruit juices.
  • Relax or lie down for a while.

These are some general suggestions that might help you to improve cramps anyway this are for light cramps in contrary you should immediately call the doctor for an appointment.

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