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Baby gender prediction!

Published January 29, 2015

gender predictionAfter you have told to your partner, to your relatives and your friend that you are pregnant  of course you will be involved in a new conversation that is baby gender prediction. Everyone will be curious about the gender of the baby. Would be very fun for new parent playing with baby gender. In many cases the couple wants the contrary of one another. Moms usually prefer baby girls while dads usually prefer baby boys. Anyway for this reason we will share one way of baby gender prediction.

Of course this is not based in science because the right answer for you o find correctly if it’s a boy or a girl is to do the ultrasound or to wait till the birth of the baby.

In any case you should wait, till that time let be more elastic and try out this method:

It is called Heart gender prediction method. This interesting method will give you a lot of pleasure because even if it is a boy or a girl you will have to listen your baby’s heart. Through this method you will measure bub’s heart rate and based on this you can find out if it’s a boy or a girl. It is said that girl’s hart rate is higher than the boy’s heart rate. Girls heart beats around 140 per minute while boy’s heart beats under 140 per minute. As we said this is not scientifically proved but as mothers come to our clinics have reported that have tried this method. Some of them were very happy because based on this gender prediction method they found the same information with the ultrasound. It’s a kind of 50/50. You have nothing to lose. In contrary you will have the satisfaction of listening your baby’s heart. It worth trying it.

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