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How to avoid redness during or after waxing?

Published September 11, 2014

avoid rednessWhy is so difficult to do the process of waxing? Is it difficult because you think about the pain or about the consequences after waxing? It is totally true that you cannot deal with the pain during the process or at least you can’t do something that eliminates the pain. The only thing that you can do is to take care about the skin after you have finished the process of waxing.

The main symptom that is visible in this process I the redness. After you finish waxing your skin is very irritated and needs care. How we can avoid redness or how we can cure redness after the process of waxing?

In order to avoid redness before waxing you can massage your skin for at least 15 minutes. Massage the skin with quick movements so it can be used with this thing. In this way you will avoid redness and also it will be less painful.

Secondly before you start with waxing take a shower a warm shower or if you can resist the hot water do the shower with hot water. Which is the function of the hot water? It will open the pores of the skin and in this way you will avoid the redness because you will not use the same force with closed pores.

These two steps are before you do waxing and help to avoid redness. But how can we deal the problem if yet we have the redness. So even after you have done these steps your skin still is sensitive to waxing.

In this case you should prepare a solution to calm the redness.  You can take a chamomile tea and you can wash the skin with the water of the tea. This will help your skin, will remove the redness and will help the skin to be softer and delicate as usually.

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