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Autumn Skin Care Tips: Renew & Recover

Published September 14, 2014

autumn skin care

Like the seasons are particular even the skin needs particular care. There are two seasons in which the skin risks a lot. They are summer and winter. In these two seasons we have severe and strong environmental factors, such as the sun in summer and the snow in winter. While the other two seasons the spring and the autumn, are the ideal seasons where you can take care of the skin. Autumn skin care is very essential. You can refresh your skin in autumn because you do not risk from the strong environmental factors.

Autumn skin care tips will prepare you to get emerged in another season which will be very harsh. For this reason you should recover your skin from all the problems. Why special care in autumn? In autumn the characteristic of the atmosphere are cool and dry and they will help your sin to get better if you take care of it. I suppose that the skin because of the summer is dehydrated, dry, and rough and damages. For this you can protect, moisturize and also prepare it for the next season.

Autumn skin care tips for the external measures.

1. It is suggestible to use a cleanser which is non-clogging in this way you will add more moisture and in the same time you will protect the skin for the other season.

2. Exfoliate your skin. Remove the dead skin and leave a soft sensation in your skin. Take use of mildly acidic.

3. Do not stop to use sunscreen on your skin, especially on your face. Even though the radiation of the sun is not the same as in the summer you should use a sunscreen with an SPF 15.

4. The last advice is to repair your summer damage with our natural masks. Do it weekly. It is better if you use seasonal fruits or seasonal vegetables.

Your skin will be better if you follow these advises and also will be prepared for the harsh winter!


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